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bugle batten screws in various finishes types and sizes

Bugle Batten Screws Overview

Our range of bugle head batten screws is extensive and manufactured directly for Scrooz, you can browse the range by:

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Our Bugle Head Batten Screws are made to our own high performance specifications and we sweat the details. Our screws include features like ensuring the coating is thick enough to provide excellent corrosion resistance but not too thick as to blunt the tips and fill the screw driver recess, making our type 17 self drilling screw slash points as sharp as possible to prevent screw 'walk' and manufacturing our bugle screw profile for optimum performance to secure timber tight and fast. Our stainless steel bugle head batten screws are also very highly specified and rigorously tested.


Bugle Batten Screws in this Range


Bugle Batten Screws Product Boxes and Packaging from Scrooz Fasteners


What Quantities are they available in?

Our batten bugle screws are available in grab packs and trade boxes right through to bulk cartons and pallet buys for large volume users. Please see individual category pages for full quantity listings and pricing.


Bugle Head Batten Screw Features

These screws are primarily used as timber fixing screws. The sharp type 17 self drilling point prevents timber splitting. A batten screw is usually used as heavy duty fasteners for stitching large sections of timber together, our full range of bugle head batten screws are designed to be used with an impact driver and electric or standard screw drivers and are available for use indoor or outdoor. All our batten screws are supplied with free screw driver bits. Coated in class 4 galvanised coatings these screws can be used in treated pine and all chemical treated timbers including H3 and H4 treated timbers. The bugle head type will provide a flush finish without burring the timber up as it wafers out so rather compresses the timber rather than attempt to cut into it, this is ideal in applications when using hardwood timber.

Bugle Batten Screws in stainless steel galvanised and zinc plate

14g x 35mm Gr304 Stainless Battens Carton 1000
11% OFF RRP $224.00
14g x 50mm GR304 Stainless Battens Carton 1000
16% OFF RRP $322.93
14g x 50mm Bugle Batten GAL Bulk Carton 1000
11% OFF RRP $139.60
14g x 65mm GR304 Stainless Battens Carton 1000
17% OFF RRP $392.90
14g x 65mm Bugle Batten GAL Bulk Carton 1000
13% OFF RRP $178.00

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