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Concrete Screw Bolts Premium

Scrooz Premium Approved Concrete Screw Bolts are high strength concrete and masonry anchors with twin helical threads and milled cutting teeth allowing the bolt to cut it's own thread in concrete and masonry when tightened, no plugs are required and these anchors don't expand so they are ideal for use in masonry and concrete where cracking may be a problem.


Our Premium range of screw bolt anchors is manufactured and designed as a high strength structural anchoring solution for internal and external bolting and fixing of construction and engineering components where approved concrete screw anchors and maximum performance is required. These high quality engineered anchor bolts are fully independantly tested to the highest European standards and are awarded the prestigious ETA certification (European Technical Approval) and therefore comply with Australian NCC standards, full technical load data sheets are available.


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Concrete Screw Bolts Premium Features

  • Premium quality ETA approved range for high strength construction and engineering fixing and bolting applications.
  • Hexagon flanged heads to spread the fixing load evenly without requiring a washer.
  • Screw Armour Ceramic coated for internal or external use and premium quality corrosion protection.
  • Deep Hi-Lo cutting thread form to aggressively chew into the masonry for a strong hold.
  • Spiral twin helical fluted shank to remove drill hole spoil during installation preventing jamming.
  • Head stamped for easy identification pre and post installation.
  • First thread milling rips to rapidly start the cutting process.
  • ETA Option 1 : Approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Fully compliant to AS 5216:2018 / SA TS 101:2015 standards


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