Threaded Rod Hangers

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Threaded Rod Hangers

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Threaded Rod Hangers Overview

  • Screw in masonry type anchor with an M10 internal thread that allows 10mm rod or bolts to be hung from ceilings to hang ductwork, trays etc
  • Fastening hangers for HVAC ducting, electrical cable trays, pipe brackets and pipe work
  • Fastening hangers for ceiling frames


Threaded Rod Hangers Features

  • Suitable for light to medium duty loads
  • Quick and easy to install, also fully removable
  • Tapered end for easy insertion into predrilled hole
  • Optimised thread pitch for increased installation speed
  • Serrated flange head for improved grip
  • Bright Zinc Plate for internal use and greta corrosion resistance


Threaded Rod Hangers Technical Info

  • Internal thread size: M10
  • Pilot hole size: 6mm
  • Embedment depth: 38mm
  • Minimum spacing: 50mm
  • Minimum edge distance: 40mm
  • Fire rated
  • Working load in tension (3.9kn) - Working load in shear (5.8)
  • For further technical information or if you require a tech data sheet please contact us for more info


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Threaded Rod Hanger M10 x 38mm Trade Box 50
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Threaded Rod Hanger Driver Tool

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