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Anchor Bolts Range Overview 

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When choosing an anchor bolt for fastening into concrete its imperative you choose the correct one. Our concrete anchor bolts range in load ratings from 50kg to multiple tonnes, they're generally used for heavy duty fixing. Purely in terms of load rating chemical anchors are the highest load rated (often referred to as chemset the brand name), then it would be through bolt anchors which can be load rated up to as high as 3.5 tonne, then sleeve anchors (commonly known under the brand name dynabolt) which can be load rated up to 1.5 tonne, then everything else such as drop in anchor bolts, shield anchor bolts etc etc 


Types of Fasteners in this Range?


anchor bolt fasteners branded product boxes and packaging


What Quantities are they available in?

All our anchor bolts are available in grab packs and trade boxes right through to bulk cartons and pallet buys for large volume users. Please see individual category pages for full quantity listings and pricing.

anchor bolt fasteners

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