Nyloc Locking Nuts

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Nyloc Nuts by scrooz fasteners. Available in zinc plate, galvanised, and stainless steel 304gr finish

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Nyloc nuts overview

Nyloc nuts in high performance grade 8 high tensile steel in zinc plate or galvanised finishes for standard and premium corrosion protection.

A Nyloc nut is a standard hex nut with the addition of a nylon insert, the nylon insert deforms over the bolt thread as the bolt is tightened up, causing a large amount of friction and essentially locking the thread into place. We recommend the use of a nyloc nut on any component or fixture that is likely subject to vibration. The nylon insert is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the hex nut and corresponding bolt, during installation you will feel a large amount of resistance as the nylon insert deforms over the threads.

A nylon insert lock nut should not be used more than once, when the locking nut has been used, the nylon portion will be fully deformed and we cannot guarantee the structural stability for any future uses. For any applications where excessive vibration is likely to occur, particularly automotive applications, couple a lock nut with a spring washer or a nylon thread patch for increased vibration resistance and improved thread locking ability.

Also available in Gr304 stainless steel for long life and maximum corrosion protection. 

Suitable for use with any of our standard, high tensile or stainless steel bolts and threaded fasteners.


Nyloc Nut Features:

  • Made from grade 8 high tensile steel in zinc plated and galvanised finishes
  • Available in zinc plate, galvanised, and 304 stainless steel finishes.
  • Hexagon shape - 6 sided for use with suitable size spanner

Our nyloc nut range is manufactured to European Standard DIN 985


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