Hoop Iron Metal Strapping

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Hoop Iron Metal Strapping in Galvanised and Stainless Steel

What is Hoop Iron Metal Strapping

Pre-punched galvanised or stainless steel hoop iron strapping is a very flexible perforated hoop iron system designed to brace timber-framed walls, roof sections, trusses and general timber in domestic and commercial construction and is often used where traditional braces or brackets can’t be used. We always carry significant volumes of perforated hoop iron in our warehouses, it is exceptionally popular and is used in nearly all home construction throughout Australia. Particularly in timber framed homes where wall bracing is required.

All hoop iron bracing is made from 0.8mm thick or 1mm galvanised steel with 3.4mm pre-punch holes and is 30mm in width for quick and simple installation, can be used with or without our hoop iron tensioners. Also available in marine grade 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection and long life. Supplied in Trade boxes in 10m, 20m or 30m rolls.


Hoop Iron Metal Strapping Features

  • Flexible high strength timber connection and bracing system.
  • Easy to bend around rafters and beams.
  • Available in 0.8mm or 1mm thick galvanised or 316 stainless steel.
  • Material Specification = G300 Steel Grade, Z275 Coating. 
  • Fully Compliant to AS1684 - Technical documents and full batch trace certification available.
  • 3.4mm diameter nail holes
  • Brands of hoop iron strapping may vary depending on supplier volumes within the country, we carry extremely large volumes of hoop iron but due to fluctuating steel costs, covid international freight issues and general availability within the domestic market we may top up our supplies from various suppliers throughout the year to ensure we are always carrying more than enough stock to service all our customers - all specs will be identical.
  • Bulk orders for more than 30+ rolls of hoop iron bracing may result in having your order shipped on a pallet depending on your location, this will not incur any additional shipping fees although we may contact you for more specific delivery clarifications if this is the case. All order for under 30 x rolls will be shipped normally in our bulk carton shippers.


hoop iron metal strapping in galvanised and stainless steel finishes

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