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Rivet Range Overview 

We carry a large range of stock in various styles of pop rivets in aluminium and both 304 grade and 316 grade stainless steel, the most common type would be our aluminium dome head rivet, often referred to as pop rivets or blind rivet. Please view each page when making your selection as although they look the same each style of rivet has different purposes and features, you can navigate our rivet category using the options below:

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Rivets General Features

All rivets within our range have different characteristics designed for differing applications, whether it be different finishes that provide various levels of corrosion resistance such as aluminium or stainless steel or the overall action of the rivet, it's important to check out each of our pages to determine which rivet will do the best job for your application. Riveting sections together is a common application used across many industries, from aerospace, general engineering through to general construction. They can be used to fasten steel sections together, in plastic applications, aluminium sections or even in some applications join timber to steel.

Generally speaking multi grip rivets and dome head rivets are the most popular. A multi grip rivet is essentially the same as a standard dome head rivet (pop rivet), they just have 2 seperate areas in which they can grip onto, so you dont have to worry as much about getting the size exactly right and they're a little more universal in their uses as you can cover a wide grip range without having to stock a wide range yourself.

Large flange rivets have much wider head or flange than standard rivets so are significantly better when fastening softer materials such as thin timber or plastic sections. Stainless steel rivets offer better corrosion resistance so are generally used in highly corrosive applications such as marine environments.

Have a look at each individual rivet page for more information on that particular type and its potential uses. There is also various articles in our blog section going through each type, the overall grip ranges and their potential uses.


Types of Rivets in this Range?


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Installation Overview


Rivets are a simple fastener to install. Choose a head style suitable for your application. Use a drill bit, drill the corresponding pilot size through both pieces of material that you want to join together. You can find related charts on each category page which will give you pilot sizes and grip ranges for each type, simply match the shaft diameter (3.2mm - 4.0mm - 4.8mm etc).

Insert the blind end, which is the thicker end of the rivet, through both pieces of material. Insert the tail end of the rivet, the thin end, often referred to as the mandrel or stem, into your rivet gun or hand riveter and squeeze. Make sure to keep pressure onto the rivet whilst squeezing, this will ensure a tight connection and fasten tightly.

As you squeeze, the rivet gun will bite onto the mandrel and begin to pull the mandrel through the body towards the riveting tool, causing expansion, approx 1.5x it's original size. Once the maximum torque has been reached, the mandrel will snap, leaving only the blind end behind, expanded into your material, giving you a tight connection.



rivets in aluminium and stainless steel 304 and 316

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