Series 600 Metal Drillers

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Series 600 Metal Drill Screws

Tek Screws Series 600 metal drilling Shield Group

What are Series 600 Tek Screws

Our Super High Performance series 600 hex head tek screws drill faster, easier and deeper than any other metal self driller on the market. Their amazing performance comes from the 8 hardened cutting faces which are individually machined into each screw (as opposed to continual feed and forged manufacturing) which makes these screws operate more like individual drill bits.

Designed for maximum performance in the toughest of steels and they drill deeper than any competitor product, at an incredible 15mm. These are a premium engineered ceramic coated metal self drilling tek screw for customers requiring consistent high performance.


See them in action :



Series 600 Tek Screw Features

  • 8 blade hardened and machined cutting faces.
  • Can be used in steels from 1mm up to 15mm thick.
  • Parallel thread providing a constant and even clamping load.
  • Heavy duty high strength shanks designed for use with impact and powerdrivers.
  • Flanged washer head for increased clamping force
  • 5/16" hex drive and 24 TPI.
  • Finished in our highest quality Screw Armour Ceramic coating for premium corrosion protection.


Series 600 Metal Drill Screws

Series 600 Metal Drilling Tek Screws

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