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BattenFix Screws

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BattenFix sheild icons. Galvanised batten screws for metal to wood drilling.

Batten Fix Zip Screws Overview

High performance Batten Fix screws are a galvanised hex head zip style screws designed for the secure fastening of steel roofing battens to either timber or steel truss sections. They are also suitable for use in multiple applications, the zip style self drilling point will screw directly into both timber and steel sections including steel roof and floor truss assembly, as well as for general fixing of wood and thin metal.

BattenFix screws feature a self-drilling point for rapid installtion, eliminating the need for pre-drilling pilot holes, saving install time and effort. The hex head design provides a secure grip and reducing the risk of fastener slipping or stripping of the screw head during installation. Class 3 galvanised for external corrosion protection and use in treated timbers.


BattenFix Screws Features

  • Unique sell drill point for excellent drilling performance in thin metal, soft wood and hardwoods.
  • Designed for use with power drivers due to heavy duty high strength shanks.
  • Suitable for self drilling through thin steel sheeting for roofing and cladding applications.
  • Class 3 galvanised for external corrosion protection and use in treated timbers.
  • 5/16" hex / 12g head for quick use when installing with other roofing screws.


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BattenFix 12g x 40mm Zip CL3 Trade Box 500

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BattenFix 12g x 40mm Zip CL3 Carton 2000
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