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Shield Anchors Overview

Shield anchors, commonly referred to under the brand name Loxin or Loxins, are a superb solution for temporary or permanent installs in concrete and solid masonry where you may want to use your own bolts or studs. Offers the option to remove them periodically for maintenance and leave a flush finish etc. They are high performance European designed and sourced, mechanical expansion fixings with internal threads and are designed for all-purpose use with any bolt, threaded fastener or component. All shield anchors fit all corresponding bolt and nut products from our range


These versatile high point load shield anchors are capable of large expansion on tightening, making them a very strong medium to heavy duty solution for general purpose construction anchoring, for maximum grip they require solid drill holes and are therefore not recommended for use in hollow or perforated masonry. When installing a shield anchor, for maximum load ratings please use an 8.8 grade or 10.9 grade high tensile bolt.

Also to note, when choosing a shield anchor bolt make sure the corresponding bolts are longer than the body length in the reference chart below.


Shield Anchors Features

  • High performance zamak expansion bodies.
  • Effective anchoring into masonry, concrete and brickwork.
  • Internally threaded allowing convenient use of any threaded fastener.
  • Removeable for maintenance or temporary fix applications.
  • Gold zinc plated for corrosion protection.
  • Versatile and re-useable.
  • Available in convenient Grab Packs or heavily discounted Trade Boxes for volume users.


shield anchors commonly known as loxins sizing chart


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