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Hollow Wall Anchors Range Overview

Hollow Wall Anchors are expansion cavity fixings used to fasten objects to plasterboard walls and other board materials where a cavity is present. The clamping action provides a very strong anchor point spreading the fixture load by deforming to an umbrella shape behind the board and preventing pull-through when tightened, includes a low profile zinc plated roundhead screw. To install simply drill a hole in your plaster wall and insert the wall anchor until the teeth bite firmly into the sheet material, you can then either use a tool to fasten into the wall or simply screw them up. Check out the video down below for a more detailed view on how these fasteners work.

Hollow Wall Anchor Tools are also available for purchase, we highly recommend using a hollow wall anchor tool when installing, simply hook the lip of the tool onto the screw section of the anchor and squeeze to set into the wall. This prevents any anchor failure and fastens considerably better than the traditional style of screwing them up as this prevents any torsion from being exerted onto the anchor whilst in the sheet wall.


Hollow Wall Anchors Features:

  • Medium duty for typical loads of 10kg for 4mm, 15kg for 5mm and 6mm fixings.
  • Use with our auto-collapse hollow wall anchor tool for rapid repetitive fixing or simply screw in with a power or hand screwdriver to expand the anchor.
  • CR3+ Safeplate bright zinc plated finish for operator safe corrosion protection.
  • Cost effective and convenient multi-size bundle kit also available.
  • Extremely economical fixing choice
  • Huge stock available
  • 4 x 47mm hollow wall anchors are by far the most commonly used plasterboard wall anchor within our range - this will suit any single sheet plasterboard or gyprock applications


Note: Hollow Wall Anchors sizes are listed as Bolt Size x Grip Range (also known as board thickness) x Total Length e.g. 4mm x (9-15mm) x 47mm


Hollow Wall Anchor Grip Chart


Checkout this installation video :




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