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Clipfix Concrete Screws

Clipfix anchors are revolutionary fixings designed specifically for fast fixing direct to concrete, brick, block and general masonry without any plugs or sleeves and with no expansion. They are easily and rapidly installed by just drilling a 4mm hole and then driving the anchor in using power screwdrivers and impact drivers. Clipfix anchors are 5mm diameter with a 5/16 drive. Perfect for conduit clips, steel battens, pipe clips, cable trays, tracks and brackets.


How do they work?

Clipfix is part of the Raptr screw family and the latest step forward in plugless technology, they are designed and manufactured by us using our unique self cutting rifled threadform profile which cuts its own thread into the masonry and concrete when you drive them in, removal is no problem either, just unscrew them. When fixing steel components with an impact wrench, do not overdrive as the bracket will act as a large washer and may cause shearing.


Clipfix Concrete Screws Applications

  • Saddles
  • Conduit Clips
  • Cable Trays
  • Brackets and assemblies
  • Tracks and channels
  • Steel Battens
  • Signage


Trade Cartons of 2000 include 2 x FREE 4 x 110mm SDS Drills

Bulk Cartons of 4000 include 4 x FREE 4 x 110mm SDS Drills


See them in action :



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Clipfix concrete screws 5 x 32mm pack 100

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Clipfix concrete screws 5 x 32mm box 500

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Clipfix concrete screws 5 x 32mm Trade Carton 2000
RRP $276.89 SAVE $42.30

pay just $234.59

Clipfix concrete screws 5 x 32mm Bulk Carton 4000
RRP $553.09 SAVE $116.74

pay just $436.35

SDS Plus 2 Cutter drill bit 4.0 x 110

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