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Metal Cutting discs by Klingsport at scrooz fasteners

Metal Cutting at Scrooz Fasteners

The metal cutting section on our site contains all our metal cutting power tool accessories. We stock cutting wheels (or cutting discs), reciprocating saw blades and large chop saw blades. Our metal cutting wheels or discs come from Klingspor Germany and are premium quality. Sold in both small packs and large carton deals we offer extremely competitive rates. All goods are actively in stock as we carry large stock holdings of these lines due to popularity. Please refer to each individual page for more product information or if you're not sure which product you should be using please get in contact with us and one of our sales staff will guide you


metal cutting drop saw blades. Sold online at


Metal Cutting Product Features:

  • Products are individually vetted and tested
  • Cutting wheels and chop saw blades manufactured by Klingspor - exceptional German quality.
  • All our ranges are priced very competitively and available in large quantities for bulk buyers


Metal Cutting Tool Accessories In This Section:


Metal Cutting discs. A Scrooz best sellers at a great price.


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Scrooz Fasteners Bulk Cartons
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