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Roofing Screws Metal Overview

High performance self drilling roofing screws metal from our Drilltech roofing screws range with toughened shanks and hex washer heads, fitted with neoprene sealing washers for a high performance fix and a long life watertight seal.

Provides a rapid fix self sealing fastener solution for fixing profiled roofing and cladding sheets and trims to structural steel components, assemblies and sections. High grade Class 4 galvanised for premium long life corrosion protection.


Roofing Screws Metal Features

  • Manufactured to Australian Standard AS3566
  • Self drilling hardened points for fast insertion and self centered start.
  • Parallel thread providing a constant and even clamping load.
  • Heavy duty high strength shanks designed for use with powerdrivers.
  • Thread cutting profile with a coarse tapping thread for rapid installation.
  • All lengths longer than 40mm will include a partial thread and will not be fully threaded to the head
  • All 12g screws are 5/16" drive, all 14g screws are 3/8" drive

Please find chart below for roofing screws metal nutsetter sizes:


roofing screws metal nutsetter chart


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other categories in this group