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Zip Toggle Bolts Overview

Rapid Fix Zip toggle bolts cavity wall anchors are a fast and strong solution for medium to heavy duty general purpose fastening of fixtures to plasterboard cavity walls, ceilings and general hollow structures and components. Requires a minimum cavity of 50mm. The nylon arms are for installation purposes only and snap cleanly off once the zip toggle bolt fastener is in place. The zip toggle bolts uses a 6mm threaded bolt or screw (not supplied).


Zip Toggle Bolts features:

  • Requires 13mm drill hole.
  • Takes 6mm threaded bolts, screws to threaded components.
  • 4mm - 80mm grip range.
  • 50mm clearance at back of board required
  • Bright zinc plate finish.
  • Simple and fast installation, just zip & fix.
  • Can be used horizontal or in vertical applications.

Here's How They Work:

Zip Toggle Bolts how to install them


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