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wall plugs and plastic packers in various finishes and sizes

Wall Plugs Overview 

Please find our selection of Wall plug anchors and a range of our plastic packers (often called shims):

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Currently we stock and supply 4 different types of wall plug, from standard tapered wall plugs to our amazing uniplug universal wall plugs (which work in any substrate solid or hollow). You can find screw charts on any of the individual category pages to give you further information on which size screws to use with our wall plugs. Within this category is also our range of plastic shim packers.


Types of Plugs in this Range?

Wall Plug Range

UniPlug - Universal Wall Plug

Wall Plugs Universal - Uni Plugs

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Our high performance UniPlugs are manufactured for us in Denmark from high density PA6 Nylon using the latest in plug technology and materials. Designed for use in any material, with any screw or fixing, these universal plugs can be installed in brickwork, solid concrete, plasterboard, aerated concrete (hebel), timber, metal and plastics.

Featuring a collared head to stop them falling in the drillhole or cavity, plus high impact load and knock in protection to stop them bending or crushing when hammered in. Deep double body flutes prevent the UniPlug from spinning in the drillhole. They are designed to automatically 'knot' in cavities and behind boards if no solid fix can be found so are extremely useful in all substrates and will cover all masonry fastening applications with 1 plug.

Wall Plugs Nylon

Wall Plugs Nylon

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High quality nylon flush head wall plugs for use with all screw fixings in masonry and concrete. Both corrosion and chemical resistant, nylon wallplugs are designed not to split, so they're perfect for coarse thread screws such as coach screws. Nylon wall plugs are available in diameters 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm for screw sizes 6g through to m12 coach screw applications.

Built-in load and knock in protection prevents distortion on installation, while the winged body prevents rotation in the drillhole. Suitable for concrete, brick work, hebel sheeting, aerated concrete and all other masonry substrates.

Wall Plugs Tapered

Wall Plugs Green

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We stock a full range of tapered plastic wall plugs in a variety of lengths and pack sizes. Lines we stock are green wall plugs, red wall plugs and blue wall plugs.

Plastic Wall Plugs are available in all common colours, green, blue, red and white. Please refer to the plastic wall plug chart on the category page for lengths and matching screw size. All plastic wall plugs in our range are designed to suit any of our screws as long as you match the correct gauge screw to the correct gauge wall plug.


Wall Plug Fasteners General Features

Wall plugs are used by inserting the plug into a pre-drilled hole in either your concrete or brickwork and then inserting the correct size screws into the plug. Each wall pug has slightly different features, plastic wall plugs for instance are very economical and take small guage screws, nylon wall plugs are generally a bit bigger, take larger gauge or coarser thread screws and have wings to prevent the plug turning during installation. Our uniplug universal wall plugs can take multiple size screws and will fasten into any substrate. This is just a quick guide, so please view each individual product page for exact load weights and reccomendations.

Wall plugs are designed to be used in conjuction with a screw fixing, they are the most common form of masonry and concrete fastener available on the market. Firstly drill the correct size pilot hole into your masonry, brickwork or concrete. Then drive the correlating screw size into the plug. As you drive the screw into the wall plug, it will force the plug to expand outward, compressing against the masonry or brickwork and securely fastening into your substrate.


wall plugs and plastic packers

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