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Spring Toggle Bolts available at scrooz.com.au

Spring Toggle Bolts in gold zinc plate from scrooz.com.au

Spring Toggle Bolts Overview

Toggle bolts are a spring loaded plasterboard cavity fastener designed for medium duty applications into hollow walls or hollow wall sections. They work by way of expansion, the spring loaded wing portion of the anchor is folded and inserted into the plasterboard wall or cavity, once inside the cavity the wings will expand against the inside of the cavity wall. When the bolt is then tightened up this will pull the wings against the internal part of the wall and fasten tightly. The higher load ratings from a toggle bolt come from the width of the toggle and surface area covered inside the cavity, which allows high load distribution and bearing capacity.

A toggle bolt is single use item, to remove a toggle bolt simply unscrew the bolt out of the expansion wings, the wings will then fall off into the cavity.

When installing, dis-assemble the wing portion off the bolt, slide the bolt section through your fixture and re-attach to the wings. Fold the wings and insert through the pre-drilled hole in the hollow materials. Then tighten up the bolt to an appropriate torsion in order to clamp the wings against the back of your substrate.

Spring toggle bolts for general purpose fixing of light weight to medium duty fixtures to board materials, requires a minimum cavity of 35mm to fully open expansion legs.

Very useful when requiring a large grip range or your unsure of the total grip range needed on site - will grip up to a total board thickness of 30mm in the 50mm length variants. 50mm grip range for the 75mm variants.


Spring Toggle Bolt Features

  • Low profile roundhead screw.
  • Can be used in all hollow wall material: plasterboard, fibre cement, hollow block, steel sections, hollow masonry
  • Fire resistant.
  • Gold zinc plate finish.
  • Simple fast installation.
  • M4 toggle bolt requires a smaller hole than standard at 11-12mm.
  • M5 toggle bolt requires 12-13mm drill hole.
  • Can be used horizontal or in vertical applications.

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