Aluminium Multi Grip Rivets

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Rivets - Multi Grip

High performance multi grip dome head rivets from our riveting range for general purpose fastening in all materials. Multi grip rivets are used for general assembly in construction, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance where the material thickness is different, variable or can't be determined (blind), they offer a flexible and versatile solution to sizing due to their large grip range meaning they can be used instead of multiple size rivets for the same job.

Multi Grip rivets have two grip ranges, thus reducing the needed rivet inventory. This makes multi grip rivets a much more economical choice for any big rivet users. Supplied in trade boxes to keep pricing as low as possible.


Rivets - Multi Grip Features

  • 5052 high grade aluminium open body.
  • Large grip range.
  • Premium corrosion protection.
  • Steel break stem.
  • Suitable for hand or power tool installation.
  • Supplied in cost effective trade boxes


multi grip rivets grip range and size chart


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