Masonry Rotary Drills

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Masonry Drill Bit on brick background - Abracs European made masonry drill bit rotary drill bit

Masonry Drill Bit image of 4 shields - Multi Purpose Drilling, Great Price, Pro Grade, Direct from the UK

Masonry Drill Bit Overview

Direct from the UK, the Abracs Masonry Drill Bit range are pro-grade masonry rotary drill bits for clean smooth drill holes in stone, concrete, brick, blockwork, and other masonry materials.

Manufactured with high quality S2 Grade Steel, each drill bit has a strong hardened steel shank, and deep spiral flutes for optimal dust extraction. The highly durable carbide tip delivers exceptional drilling speeds and meets the demands of repeated use and offers high wear resistance when working with concrete.

Perfect for anyone who does not own a hammer drill, but needs to drill a few holes, or when needing to drill into soft substrates such as blockwork, soft brick, or soft stone. These are compatible with any rotary style battery or corded electric drills.


Masonry Drill Bit Features

  • European manufactured pro-grade masonry drill bits imported direct from the UK
  • Multiple sizes and lengths available
  • Fully ground carbide drill tip delivers clean smooth drill holes
  • Fast and accurate drilling of plug, anchor or clearance holes
  • Hardened steel shank for extra long service life
  • Deep flutes for maximum dust extraction
  • Suitable for stone, concrete, brick, blockwork, and other masonry materials


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other categories in this group