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Sealant and Adhesive Range Overview

We stock an extensive range of high performance sealants and adhesives manufactured by Bostik, you can browse the range by:

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Most of the sealants and adhesives from Bostik are manufactured in Australia with some small exceptions (all the polyurethane sealant is manufactured in Australia). Bostik is an extremely well tested and well known brand throughout the country and the performance of their sealant and adhesive range is unparallel. Bostik also have teams of sales representatives throughout the country and can and will provide any assistance necessary. All Bostik products are fully warranted and tested and we can provide test certifications for any of the adhesives or sealants we stock. The support they provide is fantastic and if you ever need a Bostik rep on site please get in contact with us and we can arrange this for you.


The range of polyurethane sealants from Bostik consists of

  • Seal n flex polyurethane used as a general-purpose sealant
  • Seal n flex FC polyurethane sealant which stands for fast cure, generally used for trafficable joints and for applications where cure time is critical.
  • Fireban 1 fire rated polyurethane sealant, as the name suggests this is a fire rated version of the seal n flex 1 and is usually used in high rises and more structural type projects.

We also carry a more general range of silicone sealants:

  • Roof and gutter silicone sealant as the name suggests is generally used for roofing and guttering applications and is available in various colours.
  • Kitchen and bathroom silicone sealant is a neutral cure silicone with a fungicide to stop any mould.


Our range of adhesives from Bostik consists of ultraset flooring adhesive, this is the most well known and trusted flooring adhesive on the market. This is an excellent product and can be used for all timber adhesive type applications. We also stock a range of adhesive called Xtreme High Tack from Bostik that is a general use, stick anything to anything type adhesive and is exceptionally popular. This can be used in pretty much any application. It is a flexible, high tack adhesive. Check out the product pages for a demo video and technical documents…

Types of Sealant and Adhesive We Stock:


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What Quantities are they available in?

All our sealants and adhesives are available in trade boxes (usually 20 sausages or cartridges), double twin pack boxes (usually 40 sausages or cartridges) right through to bulk pallet buys for large volume users. For any pallet enquiries please contact us. Please see individual category pages for full quantity listings and pricing.



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Scrooz Fasteners Bulk Cartons
Scrooz Fasteners Bulk Cartons
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Bostik Xtreme High Tack 290ml Cart Box 12
6% OFF RRP $179.50
Bostik Xtreme High Tack 600ml Sausage Box 12
4% OFF RRP $269.85
Bostik Xtreme High Tack 600ml Sausage Twin 24
9% OFF RRP $518.00
Bostik Fireban One Limestone 600ml Box 20
13% OFF RRP $374.00
Bostik Fireban One Limestone 600ml Twin Box 40
25% OFF RRP $749.00
Roof and Gutter Trans 300ml Box 20
8% OFF RRP $259.00
Roof and Gutter Trans 300ml Twin Box 40
19% OFF RRP $519.00
Seal n Flex FC White 600ml Box 20
12% OFF RRP $395.00
Seal n Flex FC White 600ml Twin Box 40
22% OFF RRP $790.00
Bostik Seal N Flex 1 White 600ml Box 20
14% OFF RRP $307.50
Bostik Seal N Flex 1 White 600ml Twin Box 40
25% OFF RRP $615.00
Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Grey 600ml Box 20
7% OFF RRP $274.50
Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Grey 600ml Twin Box 40
16% OFF RRP $549.00
Bostik Seal N Flex 1 Black 600ml Box 20
14% OFF RRP $307.50

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