Kitchen and Bathroom Sealant

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Bostik Kitchen and Bathroom Sealant

What is it

Bostik Kitchen and Bathroom Sealant is an Australian made rapid cure silicone sealant specifically formulated with an active fungicide to resist mildew in hot and humid environments. It provides a waterproof and flexible seal of up to 25% of its joint width.


What does it seal

It's designed for use on glass, ceramics, fibre glass, porcelain and laminates. It should not be used for marble, granite or stone.


Where do I use it

It can be used for sealing any wet areas in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries such as bathtubs, showers, glass screens, ceramic tiling, sinks, toilets, laminate surfaces and any construction application where a flexible mould or anti-fungal resistant seal is required.


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other categories in this group