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Bostik Ultraset Overview

Bostik Ultraset SF is an Australian made Solvent Free polyurethane adhesive for use with wood flooring. It's recommended by the major timber manufacturers due to it's excellent bond strength and acoustic properties. It's non-flammable, easy and safe to use and stays flexible after full cure, which means it will adjust with your flooring during natural timber movement and not break the bond or damage your floor. Each box comes with 4 nozzles. Each 4 pack comes with one nozzle.


Where do I use Bostik Ultraset

You use it to bond parquet, solid strip softwood and hardwood flooring, engineered and bamboo flooring or acoustic underlays to concrete or timber subfloors and existing floors.

Full technical documents for all Bostik ultraset products linked down below - for any further Bostik information please get in contact with us





Bostik Ultraset Tech Docs



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