Plasterboard Wall Anchor Fasteners

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plasterboard wall anchor fasteners in various finishes and sizes

Plasterboard Wall Anchor Fasteners Range Overview

We stock an extensive range of plasterboard wall anchor fasteners manufactured directly for Scrooz, you can browse the range by:

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Our plasterboard fasteners are made to our own high performance specifications and we sweat the details. We heavily stock all our plasterboard fasteners as they are generally one of our biggest movers, especially products like our screw dog plasterboard screws and our hollow wall anchors, which are both available in bulk cartons of 4000 and 800 pieces for large volume users. If you are ever unsure which fastener to use please get in contact with us and one of our fastener experts can reccomend the best product for your application


Types of Fasteners in this Range?


plasterboard wall anchor fasteners branded product boxes and packaging


What Quantities are they available in?

All our plasterboard wall anchor fasteners are available in grab packs and trade boxes right through to bulk cartons and pallet buys for large volume users. Please see individual category pages for full quantity listings and pricing.


Plasterboard Fasteners General Features

Plasterboard fasteners can often be confusing and difficult to match to your application. We'd generally reccomend you to use the screw dog plasterboard screws for anything very light weight, speed plug fasteners for anything slightly heavier (these are probably the most popular plasterboard fastener), hollow wall anchors for anything medium duty that may experience some downwards force during its life, such as fitting blinds, curtain rails etc and use our gripr heavy duty plasterboard anchors for anything heavier duty. Please view each individual product page for exact load weights and reccomendations. This is just a quick guide.

plasterboard wall anchor fasteners types and finishes

Electricians Bulk Bundle Fasteners Kit
39% OFF RRP $246.00
Hollow Wall Anchor 400pc Kit Plus Free Tool
18% OFF RRP $120.46
Gripr plasterboard fixings orange pan box of 100
18% OFF RRP $143.80
Gripr plasterboard fixings orange csk box of 100
18% OFF RRP $143.80
Gripr plasterboard fixings black pan box of 100
27% OFF RRP $191.00
Gripr plasterboard fixings black csk box of 100
27% OFF RRP $191.00
Hollow Wall Anchors 4 X (4-9) 41MM Carton 800
28% OFF RRP $197.66
Hollow Wall Anchors 4 x (9-15) 47mm Carton 800
12% OFF RRP $182.00
Hollow Wall Anchors 5 X (5-13) 46MM Carton 400
20% OFF RRP $143.00

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