Wood Screws

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wood screws in zinc plate galvanised and ceramic coating

Wood Screws Range Overview

We stock an extensive range of high performance wood screws manufactured directly for Scrooz, you can browse the range by:

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Our fasteners are made to our own high performance specifications and we sweat the details. Our timber screws include features like ensuring phillips head screw driver recess's on our chipboard screws are deep enough to prevent screw driver slip, making our type 17 self drilling screw slash points as sharp as possible to prevent screw 'walk' and vigorously testing our bugle head plasterboard screws thread profiles for optimum performance to screw in fast and tight in both wood and thin steel sections. We also put a huge emphasis on making sure our screw coatings are as high performance as possible, you'll find this throughout our range. All our zinc plated products are CR3+ plated for increased performance, a large selection of our galvanised coated ranges are class 4 rather than class 3 so they can be used in a variety of timber treatment types and all our stainless steel is very highly specified. Stainless steel is available in both 304 grade and 316 marine grade. Its safe to say there will be a screw within our range to suit your ongoing projects.


Types of Screws in this Range?


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Wood Screws General Features

All our countersunk screws, hex head screws and bugle screws are designed to be used with an impact driver and electric or standard screw drivers and are available for use indoor or outdoor. We stock many different head types dependent on your application. Most screws are supplied with free screw driver bits. Further product data can be found on each individual category page including technical documents, thread profile details, finish information and a broader overview of each screw product. Its also definitely worth checking out our range of general purpose construction screws, these are triple heat treated and ceramic finished for ultra corrosion resistance - meaning they can be used in any material, in any environment.


wood screws in galvanised zinc plate and ceramic coating

Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 20mm YZP Carton 4000
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Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 25mm YZP Carton 4000
15% OFF RRP $92.00
Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 28mm YZP Carton 4000
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Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 32mm YZP Carton 4000
15% OFF RRP $106.40
Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 41mm YZP Carton 4000
14% OFF RRP $115.60
Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 51mm YZP Carton 2000
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