Timber Connectors

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Timber Connectors

Triple Grip Connectors Multi Grips Mini Grips Unities

What are Timber Connectors

Tuff Pro Range timber connectors are designed for fast, simple and effective high strength bracket fastening of joists, beams and general conctruction timber connections. Most popular connectors are Triple grips, multi grips and mini grips.

Manufactured from 1mm galvanised steel, Tuff timber connectors are available in trade boxes in a wide range of sizes to suit common timber dimensions. Triple grips and multi grips are also available in marine grade 316 Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion protection, long life and use in high corrosive environments.


Triple Grip Connector Brackets Multi Grips Mini Grips Unities


Our Triple Grip, Multi Grip and Mini Grip Features

  • High strength timber joist and beam to beam connections
  • Made from 1mm galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Strong, cost effective and easy to install
  • 3.4mm diameter nail holes.
  • Available in trade boxes or cost effective bulk cartons for volume users.


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Triple Grip Connectors Multi Grip amd Mini Grips

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