Cyclone Strap Punched

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Cyclone Strap Punched

Cyclone Strap Punched

What is a Cyclone Strap

Cyclone straps are used to secure rafters and trusses to top plates, purlins and beams as a general fixing or in areas with cyclonic, or high wind conditions to help prevent lift.

Made from 1mm galvanised steel with 3.4mm pre-punch holes for quick and simple installation. Available in Trade boxes.


Cyclone Strap Features

  • Flexible high strength timber tie down connector.
  • Easy to bend around rafters and beams.
  • Made from 1mm galvanised steel.
  • Multiple bracket sizes for all common sized timbers and laminated beams.
  • Strong, cost effective and easy to install.
  • 3.4mm diameter nail holes.


cyclone strap punched in galvanised finish

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