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nuts and bolts in various finishes types and sizes

Nuts and Bolts at Scrooz Fasteners

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Most of our bolts come supplied with corresponding nuts, such as most of the hex bolt range, some though, such as our socket type bolts do not come with hex nuts, if the bolt is generally installed into a pre-threaded component or part of an assembly it will most likey not be packaged with nuts, please refer to each subcategory page for more information, in this sub section you'll find all of our nuts, bolts and washers.

Our bolting range covers all sizes including M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 and M20.

All our nuts and bolts throughout are range are metric coarse thread unless specified on the category page. All our hex nuts within our nuts and bolts range fit each other, just match the diameter. Please refer to content down below for a clearer break down of the metric bolt and nut coarse thread pitches for more detail, for when you may be fitting into a pre-threaded component.

Our category system is split up into large groups of 7 main bolt categories and many sub categories within those that further split these down into specific head types and finishes, please navigate to these and then filter your selections, you can view them by:

  • Select a category using the filter system 
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Types of Nuts and Bolts We Stock:


Bolt and Nut Charts and Info


Metric Coarse Thread Pitch Chart For Nuts and Bolts

Metric Bolts Thread Lengths and Overall Dimensions Chart


Nuts and Bolts General

All our nuts and bolts are rigorously tested and we can provide material certifications and any technical data to anyone who needs it via request. We offer these by request only as material certifications change with each batch and due to incoming and outgoing volumes the certifications change frequently, our range is fully specified and manufactured to current australian standards. Through our wide range of bolting we stock almost all finishes, zinc plate, galvanised, stainless etc and most tensile grades. We stock a full range mild steel, high tensile and super high tensile bolts ranging from nylon bolting for electrical environments through to 12.9 grade high tensile for extreme engineering based applications.

You can also find further details on our bolting range in our scrooz fasteners article page, there is plenty of reference material including thread charts for all diameters, how bolts are made, major difference between each type and whether you should be using mild steel bolts or opting for the high tensile bolts dependant on your application. If you have any queries at all don't hesitate to get in contact with us for more information, all our staff are experts in bolted connections and can assist you with whatever queries you may have.

Please refer below for coarse thread pitches for metric bolts and nuts, this is a general guide and some products may differ, this will be clearly stated on the product category page:

  • M3 - 0.50mm pitch
  • M4 - 0.70mm pitch
  • M5 - 0.80mm pitch
  • M6 - 1.00mm pitch
  • M8 - 1.25mm pitch
  • M10 - 1.50mm pitch
  • M12 - 1.75mm pitch
  • M16 - 2.00mm pitch
  • M20 - 2.50mm pitch


nuts and bolts in high tensile and stainless steel

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