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Razr Decking Countersink Tools and Driver Bits by scrooz

Decking Countersink Drill Bit Overview

Decking countersink drill bits are exceptionally popular now as they do not allow for any user error when countersinking your decking screws. Sometimes referred to as auto-countersinks they have outstripped standard countersink sales in recent years.

All our countersink bits are pre-depth set and non-adjustable. This means you will get perfectly consistent countersink holes every time throughout your project. The decking countersink bits perfectly suit all our decking screws so just match up the guage and start drilling! The rubber O-ring on the underside of the collar is made from a tough nylon to stop any marking on your new timber and is used as a depth stop to make sure your cutting every countersink perfect. The bushes are highly rated in the tools and easily last over a couple thousand screws each. These countersink bits are the perfect mix of affordability and performance, having stocked and sold more than 6 different brands of countersink tool over the years and sold thousands of each, we believe these are the best performer on a cost basis available in the market.


Decking Countersink Drill Bit Features

  • 1 x Countersink tool
  • 1 x Allen key 
  • 2 x Pilot drill bits
  • Tough nylon o-ring to prevent any marking to the timber
  • Perfectly flush screws everytime!
  • Will fit all impact drivers and battery drills.
  • Packs of additional replacement drill bits also available


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other categories in this group