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saw blades for wood and metal by scrooz fasteners - Jigsaw blades, circular saw blades, reciprocating saw blades

Saw Blades at Scrooz

Saw Blades is a broad term used by most retailers and manufacturers to cover various types of wood and metal saw blades. For us this covers jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades and TCT circular saw blades. These different saw blades cut a whide range of meaterials, such as cutting of metal, timber, softwoods, laminates, and aluminium.

We source all our power tool accessories with quality in mind. Our ranges of jig saw blades, reciprocating saw blades and circular saw blades are manufactured by UK based Abracs  who have operated in the space for more than 30 years so we can be assured of top tier quality.


Saw Blades for Wood and Metal on wooden background.


Saw Blades Features:

  • European manufactured professional recip blades imported direct from the UK
  • High-performance alloy metals giving long life blade use, and the best quality in every cut
  • All our saw blades are individually vetted and tested
  • All our ranges are priced very competitively 
  • All sizes in stock in large volumes. We hold significant stock in our drill bit ranges.
  • Most products available in single units and then also bulk cartons for bulk buyers that offer increased savings


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saw blades badges by scrooz fasteners. Pro grade saw blades by Scrooz at great prices.


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