Batten Screws Gold Zinc

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Batten Screws Gold Zinc

Batten Screws Gold Zinc Plated

Scrooz Gold Batten Screws

Professional grade heavy duty batten screws from our Razr self drilling range. Designed for strong rapid fastening of timber sections using powerdrivers without the need for pre-drilling. Low profile bugle countersinking self embedding head with type 17 razor fast start slash point. Gold zinc plated for internal use.

Features :

  • 5m hex drive for maximum torque connection.
  • Underhead ribs for auto countersinking.
  • Type 17 razor slash point for fast insertion and self centred start.
  • Designed with heavy duty high strength shanks for use with powerdrivers and impact screwguns.
  • Thread cutting profile with a coarse tapping thread for rapid installation.
  • Fluted to clear drilling debris and minimise timber splitting.


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