Nylon Insulation Render Washer

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Nylon Insulation Render Washer

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Nylon Insulation Render Washers Overview

Nylon insulation render washers, also known as Render washers, are designed for securely affixing insulation panels to concrete, timber, and steel surfaces. Utilizing a 10g countersunk screw, nylon insulation washers provide a strong and reliable attachment method. Their use extends across a range industries, including electrical, HVAC, automotive, and construction.

Nylon insulation render washers feature a large 40mm outside diameter that gives secure contact with panels, while the raised face and 8 reinforcing ribs prevent spinning during installation. Available in trade boxes and bulk cartons to keep pricing as low as possible.


Nylon Insulation Render Washers Features

  • High strength, lightweight and resistant to corrosion.
  • Non-conductive and electrically safe.
  • For internal or external use.
  • Raised face and 8 reinforcing ribs to prevent spinning when installed.
  • Large outside diameter for secure contact with panels.


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Nylon Insulation Washer 10g x 40mm Box 100
RRP $8.40 SAVE $0.41

pay just $7.99

Nylon Insulation Washer 10g x 40mm CTN 1000
RRP $84.00 SAVE $14.81

pay just $69.19