Speedplug Wallmate Fixings

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Speedplug Wallmate Fixings
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Speedplug Wallmate Plasterboard Fixings
Speedplug Wallmate Plasterboard Fixings

SpeedPlug Wall mate Fixings Nylon and Metal

Speed Plug Overview

The Speed plug range by Scrooz, (known frequently as the brand name wallmate) are self driving, quick install plasterboard plug anchors designed for use in hollow wall board and plasterboard walls for light to medium duty loads.

Speed plug plus is manufactured from PA66 glass fibre reinforced nylon for maximum life span and high strength, fast, self drilling. No-pre drilling required. Speed plug plus is not manufactured from plastic like inferior imitation brands.


Speed Plug Features

  • Speedplug Plus range manufactured from high density glass fibre reinfored PA66 nylon
  • Speedplug Plus range suitable for screws 6g - 8g with a minimum length of 30mm
  • SpeedPlug Plus load rated 10kg - 15kg
  • SpeedPlug Metal suitable for screws 8g x 38mm or 10g x 32mm screws.
  • SpeedPlug Metal load rated 10kg - 15kg



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SpeedPlug Plus Nylon Fixings Pack of 100
RRP $14.00 SAVE $0.70

pay just $13.30

SpeedPlug Plus Nylon Fixings Trade Box of 500

pay just $56.53

SpeedPlug Plus Nylon Fixings Bulk Carton of 1000
RRP $119.00 SAVE $25.90

pay just $93.10

SpeedPlug Plus Nylon Fixings Master Carton of 3200
RRP $385.00 SAVE $104.75

pay just $280.25

Speedplug contract plaster fixings metal pack 100

pay just $26.38

Speedplug contract plaster fixings metal box 500
RRP $133.85 SAVE $30.30

pay just $103.55