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Saddle Mount Post Supports

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Saddle Mount Post Supports Overview

Saddle mount U shape post supports are a type of post support used in the fastening of timber posts to concrete surfaces. They consist of a U shaped metal bracket with flanges on both sides. These flanges have holes for securing the bracket to a horizontal surface, such as a concrete slab or wooden beam. Saddle mount post supports have a unique foot mount to elevate the post from ground level.

Saddle mount post supports are designed to provide stability and support to vertical posts or columns. Made from galvanised steel, they come in a range of widths and heights allowing for a variety of different post sizes and load requirements. They are commonly used in the building of decks, pergolas, fences, and other similar structures.

The bracket not only supports the weight of the post but also helps distribute the load evenly, preventing tilting or shifting.


Saddle Mount Post Supports Features

  • M12 bolt holes
  • 4mm thick sides and base.
  • Galvanised for outdoor use.
  • Predrilled holes for ease of installation.
  • Can be used for bolting to existing timber decking or concrete base
  • Unique foot mount to elevate post from ground level
  • All post supports are sold as singles (x1).



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Saddle Mount Post Support M12 90mm x 30mm Single
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Saddle Mount Post Support M12 100mm x 30mm Single
RRP $9.20 SAVE $0.46

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