Screw Dog Fixings Plasterboard

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Screw Dog Fixings Plasterboard

Screw Dog Plasterboard Fasteners displayed with packs and boxes.

Screw Dog fixings

Screw Dogs are universal multi-use, multi-substrate screw fixings designed for fast light duty fixing direct to gyprock, timber and sheet materials without plugs or sleeves and with no expansion. They are easily and rapidly installed into plasterboard with the sharp point and aggressive thread providing a strong hold without pre-drilling. Screw Dogs are removable, re-usable and fire resistant.

We make them tough too, using high performance high strength steel specially heat treated in a multi-stage complex process to remove any brittleness. Heads are specifically designed with strength in mind to avoid shearing, along with a 'solid connection' No2 Phillip's drive.

CR3+ Safe Plate bright zinc plated finish for internal use and operator safe corrosion protection. Supplied in convenient grab packs or heavily discounted trade and bulk boxes for volume users.


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Screw Dogs Plasterboard PH 32mm Grab Pack 100

pay just $14.59

Screw Dogs Plasterboard PH 32mm Trade Box 500

pay just $59.95

Screw Dogs Plasterboard PH 32mm Bulk Box 1000
RRP $119.90 SAVE $20.90

pay just $99.00

Screw Dogs Plasterboard PH 32mm Carton 4000
RRP $396.00 SAVE $37.00

pay just $359.00