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Scrooz Klingspor Grinding Discs



What are they

High quality grinding discs from Klingspor’s Extra Performance range designed for universal use across a wide range of applications. These discs can be used on all types of materials for general purpose grinding, edge bevelling and burr removal. They are designed for extreme use and are guaranteed to combine long service life, high material removal rate and a professional surface finish.

Kronenflex pro range grinding discs are made of a synthetic abrasive grain ensuring consistent premium performance of every disc and are tested and compliant with the oSa directives and safety standard EN 12413. Fits all standard angle grinders.


What materials can I use them on

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Non Ferrous Metals
  • Cast Materials
  • Aluminium and Alloys
  • Plastics, GRP's and man made materials
  • Stone and concrete


Where do I use them

Klingspor grinding discs are designed for professional use in construction, engineering, manufacturing and auto and maintenance industries for general grinding and surface finishing of sheetmetal, bars, pipes, fabrications, assemblies, general metalwork, masonry and most materials.





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Who is Klingspor

Klingspor is a market leading German manufacturer of high performance coated abrasives and cutting and grinding discs with a enviable global reputation for superb high end professional quality products. Klingspor has manufacturing plants and offices worldwide and technical and product support is available Australia wide if required.


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other categories in this group