Razr Construction Screws

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Razr Construction Screws

All purpose Razr construction screws for internal and external building and carpentry. High performance screws designed to be used anywhere, made super tough for use with impact drivers and powerful screwguns. Coated in our screw armour protective coating so you can use them in any timber, treated or not.

Perfect for builders, carpenters, landscapers and all construction trades for driving straight into standard timber battens, carcassing, structural sections plywood and sheet timber without pre-drilling.


  • Countersunk self embedding ribbed head and a No2 square drive recess for a solid drive connection that won't slip or tear-out.
  • Manufactured from high quality case hardened steel with ScrewArmour coating for extreme corrosion protection.
  • Type 17 Razr self drilling fast start slash point for accurate driving and reduced splitting.
  • Suitable for use in any treated timber, hardwood, softwood and any application, thick section hardwood may require pre-drilling.
  • Free driver in every pack and trade box. 

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Razr Construction 8g x 20mm Bulk Carton 8000
20% OFF RRP $239.68
Razr Construction 8g x 25mm Bulk Carton 8000
21% OFF RRP $279.60
Razr Construction 8g x 32mm Bulk Carton 8000
23% OFF RRP $331.92
Razr Construction 8g x 38mm Bulk Carton 4000
23% OFF RRP $185.76
Razr Construction 8g x 50mm Bulk Carton 4000
15% OFF RRP $231.52
Razr Construction 10g x 32mm Bulk Carton 4000
16% OFF RRP $247.60
Razr Construction 10g x 38mm Bulk Carton 4000
21% OFF RRP $287.76