screws and bolts

different types of wood screws on 2 pieces of wood for construction and building

wood screws

various square drive stainless steel decking screws fixed into hardwood merbau decking timber and spread loose on the deck boards

decking screws

hex tek screws drilled and fastened into a metal plate surrounded by other metal self drill screws

Tek Metal Drill Points

various panhead and countersunk zinc plated and stainless steel self tapping screws on some metalwork and sheet steel

self tapping screws

different types of roofing screws with rubber seals on sheet steel and wood for construction and building

roofing screws

galvanised high tensile nuts and bolts for engineering and structural steelwork in construction

nuts and bolts

different size coach bolts also known as carriage bolts on some building wood

coach bolts

packs and boxes of different size and types of metal washers with nuts for bolts


fasteners and hardware

an anchor fastener fixed into a piece of plasterboard

plasterboard anchors

various hammer and knock in fasteners in wood concrete and brick

Hammer in Fasteners

concrete screws and anchor bolts fixed in a block of concrete

concrete and brick screws

a group of plastic and nylon wall plugs on concrete and fixed into a brick

wall plugs

various size metal anchor bolts for concrete and brick

anchor bolts

a group of dome head pop rivets in various colours


metal galvanised joist hangers for structural wood joints construction

joist hangers

a group of multi grip and triple grip timber connnectors and brackets for building construction

timber connectors

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Our warehouse is fully stocked with a huge range of quality construction related consumables for all trades, services and projects. We stock and manufacture a full range of screw products for all materials including hard and softwood, steel or metal drilling screws and plastics in a wide variety of head styles and driver types including phillips drive, square drive, torx drive and hex drive screws in countersunk head, button head, wafer head and hex head styles, all available in zinc plated, galvanised, ceramic coated or stainless steel screw options.

These ranges include wood screws, self tapping screws, bugle screws, tek screws, decking screws, batten screws, colorbond painted screws, roofing screws and many more. Our screw range is one of the most extensive screw ranges in Australia. To date we have manufactured and sold more than a billion screws within Australia.

Our fastener range is extensive and we supply and stock everything from small everyday consumables for lightweight masonry anchoring such as concrete screws and screw bolts, plasterboard anchoring, wall plugs in a variety of styles, rivets right through to heavy duty anchor bolt fasteners and chemical anchoring for large scale structural projects. We are a key industrial supplier for many large construction companies within Australia. All fasteners are stocked and supplied in zinc plate finishes for internal use, galvanised finishes for external use and stainless steel fasteners for high corrosion fixing. We can supply any fastener for any substrate or material you may have including, brick and block, concrete and masonry applications, rivet fastening through to cavity fixing into plasterboard. Technical document specifications are available for all fasteners including steel grades and fully backed load data so your fixings are going to be of the highest possible quality. We've got glueing, sealing and cutting covered to. We stock a wide range of sealants, adhesives, drill bits, saw blades, concrete cutting, sandpaper, grinding tools and wire balustrade.

Scrooz also offers a full range of nuts and bolts including hex bolts and nuts, carriage nuts and bolts, socket screws, metal thread screws and full ranges of washers and nuts

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