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Bostik Seal n Flex 1

What is it

Bostik Seal N' Flex 1 is an Australian made multi purpose low modulus (good for high movement) polyurethane sealant. It's used for making expansion and weatherproof joints and seals in common construction materials. It can expand and contract up to 50% of it's width so it's perfect for general and large joints between same or different building materials. Each box comes with 4 nozzles. Each 4 pack comes with one nozzle.

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What does it seal

Horizontal and vertical butt or fillet (corner) joints in concrete, brick and block, rock, stone and general masonry, rendering and screeds, plasterboard, fibre cement sheeting, aluminium frames and fabrications etc.


Where do I use it

It can be used inside or out for multi purpose sealing and/or making expansion joints in precast concrete and tilt slab panels, general masonry, plasterboard and drylining installs, door and window installations, pipe and service duct sealing and any construction application where a flexible seal is required.





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