What Size Drill Bit Do I Need For Wall Plugs

Tapered plastic wall plugs are one of if not THE most commonly used concrete fastener.

Green plugs are most certainly a staple of most builders, electricians or plumbers toolkit when it comes to fixing into concrete.

They are light weight, light duty, economical and universally available from all hardware stores.


Though it isn't always very obvious which size screw you should or shouldn't be using and which size drill bit you should be using during installation.

Using the correct size screw and drill bit is exceptionally important when using wall plugs as the expansion range is very tight, an oversized drill hole or undersized screw can cause failures.


Here's a chart to use with our wall plug plastic range.

Wall plugs are almost always univerally colour coded by size, so this chart can be used across all different brands and manufacturers.


This chart covers wall plug colour, drill bit size, and what screw to use for our plastic wall plugs. All the information you need when installing plastic wall plugs, or if your trying to find the right one for your wall.


Wall Plugs Plastic - what size drill bit for green wall plugs
Now you know which size you'll need, you can find our plastic wall plugs here: Plastic Wall Plugs



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