45mm Wood Screws

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You'll find many types of 45mm wood screws in this category, such as chipboard screws, self tapping screws, type 17 wood screws, hex head screws, coach screw etc

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How To Size 45mm Wood Screws

45mm length refers to the length of the wood screw. All screw lengths are sized in millimetres. Countersunk screws are sized inclusive of the head. Pan head or hex head type screws are sized from the under side flat section of the head to the end of the tip or point. Lengths are inclusive of the point, whether they are needle point of a type 17 self drill point.

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Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 45mm YZP Grab Pack 100

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Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 45mm YZP Trade Box 500

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Chipboard Screws PH2 8g x 45mm YZP Carton 2000
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