60mm Tek Screws


60mm Tek Screws Selection:

Please find all our 60mm tek screws in this category. We stock tek screws in zinc plated, galvanised and ceramic coated finishes in a variety of head types. Wafer heads, hex heads, countersunk heads and the wafer button style. Most tek screws have a 4 or 4.5mm drill capacity, although series 500 and 600 screws have a drill capacity of 9mm and 15mm respectively.

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How to size 60mm Tek Screws

Hex head tek screws and any type of wafer tek are measured in length from the underside of the head, all countersunk style heads the lengths are measured inclusive of the head. Most tek screws have a roughly 5mm drill tip, with the exception of series 500 and 600 screws. This should be deducted from your total fixture thickness when calculating which length you need as you will need the drill tip to fully penetrate the metal.

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