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You'll find many types of 20mm length bugle screws in this category. The most popular would be the 6g and 7g bugle screws or often called plasterboard screws. A bugle head has a wider less aggressive countersink than a standard screw so they do not break the paper on plasterboard when installed. They also fit perfectly into clips and small brackets.

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What are 20mm Bugle Screws Used For?

20mm bugle screws are used a huge variety of applications. They can be used for screwing plasterboard sheeting onto steel and timber frames. They are also frequently used as a standard multi purpose wood screw, or screwed directly into thin steel frames, especially by electricians. They perfectly fit wall plugs so are a great addition to any trades mans toolkit. On top of that they are extremely economical, which is mostly why they are so widely used, a box of bugle screws can be purchased for as low as $10 per 1000 and can fill a whole host of applications.

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6g x 20mm Bugle Head Screws pack of 100

only $3.85

6g x 20mm Bugle Head Screws box of 1000

only $15.60

7g x 20mm Bugle Head Screws pack of 100

only $4.85

7g x 20mm Bugle Head Screws box of 1000

only $17.35

7g X 20mm Bugle Head Screws Carton 4000

only $59.00

15% OFF RRP $69.40