Screw Dogs Masonry GAL SQ 32mm Trade Box 500

Ceramic Coated Universal Screw Fixings for External Use

Pre-order - Released 30 June 2021
Product Code : SD050832GT
Weight : 1.9000kg

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Screw Dog Anchor Fixings



Screw Dog Fixings SCrew Armour Ceramic Coated



Screw Dogs are universal multi-use, multi-substrate screw fixings designed to fix to most materials, eliminating the need to carry lots of different types of screws and fixings, These screws are great for fast, light duty fixing direct to gyproc, timber, sheet materials, concrete, brick, block and general masonry without any plugs or sleeves and with no expansion. They are easily and rapidly installed into plasterboard with the sharp point and aggressive thread providing a strong hold without pre-drilling. They can also be installed into any masonry and concrete with 5mm pilot hole (4mm for softer materials) and then driving the screw in using a power or impact driver, Screw Dogs are removable, re-usable and fire resistant.


We make them tough too, using high performance high strength steel specially heat treated in a multi-stage complex process to remove any brittleness, meaning you can drive these into concrete with an impact driver all day. Heads are specifically designed with strength in mind to avoid shearing, along with a 'solid connection' No2 square drive for powerdriving without chatter. Plus our proprietory saw tooth threadform ensures clean, accurate and fast cutting in all masonry and concrete applications.


Screw Armour Ceramic coated for external use and operator safe corrosion protection. Supplied in convenient grab packs or heavily discounted trade and bulk boxes for volume users.


screw armour

What's ScrewArmour?

ScrewArmour is a multi layered high performance surface coating developed for optimum performance in the various pollutive and atmospheric conditions that cause corrosion, it lasts 6 times longer than standard galvanising and it's also incredibly hard so is perfect for thread cutting fasteners as normal galvanising simply peels or wears off during installation as the threads bite into the abrasive masonry.

It's also completely resistant to acid and alkaline attack as well as galvanic corrosion, this means you can safely use them anywhere with any timber (treated or not) and any other metal or surface coated product with no cross contamination corrosion issues.


Click here to download the tech doc and find out more about ScrewArmour


Main Screw Dog applications include rapid fixing of 

  • General wall fixtures
  • Lighting and electrical
  • HVAC
  • Brackets and assemblies
  • Tracks and channels
  • Ducting and building services
  • Signage
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Fire safety accessories
  • Hardware and ironmongery
  • General fixtures and fittings


Installation info :

Substrate Drill Size Typical Load Rating
Gyprock, Fire board, General wall board Not required 5-10kg*
Soft masonry: Block, Brick, Sandstone etc 4.0mm* 10-15kg*
Hard masonry and Concrete 5.0mm* 30-40kg*

*Drill sizes may be varied according to the strength of the substrate, load values are for guidance only and dependant on subsatre strength, professional site testing should be carried out under if structurally critical.




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