M20 Square Washers


M20 Square Washers selection:

Here you'll find all our M20 internal diameter square plate washers. We stock a variety of internal diameter 20mm square washers. 20mm is in reference to the internal diameter of the hole within the washers, simply match these with a M20 or 20mm diameter bolt. Flat plate high strength square washers for use with any of our bolting products, large square profile for even load spreading in timber or steel.

For specific types of square washers, please use the top menu or use the filtering panel to the left hand side of the page

M20 square washers are in stock and ready for despatch. All square plate washers are 3mm thick, 50mm width. The technical sizing for these washers is M20 x 50mm x 50mm x 3mm


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Square Plate Washers M20 x 50mm Galv pack 10

now only $14.24

Square Plate Washers M20 x 50mm Galv box 50

now only $41.28

Square Plate Washers M20 x 50 Stainless 316 box 50
RRP $198.44 SAVE $9.92

now only $188.52