12mm Penny Washers


12mm Penny Washers selection:

This is our selection of 12mm Penny Washers. Below you'll find our listings for all the various sizes of 12mm penny washers. 12mm is in reference to the internal diameter of the hole within the washer. We stock a variety of external diameter 12mm penny washers. Often called mudguard washers or just extra large washers. Penny washers tend to be a little thinner than a standard washers but available in a wide variety of outside diameters.

For specific types of penny washers, please use the top menu or use the filtering panel to the left hand side of the page

12mm penny or mudguard washers are in stock and ready for despatch


Please note that although all the internal diameter holes are 12mm the outside diameters are available in a variety of sizes. Please double check the washer listing prior to purchase to make sure they will be suitable.

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