M3 Washers


M3 Washers selection:

This is our selection of M3 diameter washers. Below you'll find our listings for all washers we stock in an M3 size. We stock a variety of washers including plain flat washers, spring locking washers, mudguard penny style washers and standard hardened washers. We stock washers in a range of finishes including bright and yellow zinc plating, galvanised and various grades of stainless steel.

For specific types of washers, please use the top menu or use the filtering panel to the left hand side of the page

M3 washers are in stock and ready for despatch


Please note that across varying types of washer the outside diameters will be different. Please double check the washer listing prior to purchase to make sure they will be suitable.

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M3 x 8 x 0.8 Nylon Washers White pack 100

now only $9.59

M3 flat washers zinc plate pack 100

now only $3.89

M3 flat washers zinc plate box 1000

now only $13.77