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Here's our selection of M10 diameter pan head screws in this category. Below you'll find all our listings for machine screws in M10. Although technically a bolt as its often used with a nut or threads into a component, machine screws are generally referred to as a screw as they feature a screw style head. We stock machine screws in zinc plated and stainless steel in both countersunk and panhead options. If you require exact head dimensions please get in contact with us. All machine screws in panhead are a Philips No2 driver and all lengths are measured from the underside of the head to the tip. We do also stock a huge range of wood screws if that's what you require, simply click the menu at the top and navigate through the screws category pages to find the type your looking for

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M10 Pan head Screw Dimensions

All our M10 panhead screws feature a metric coarse thread at 1.50mm pitch. They fit all our corresponding diameter nuts and washers. M10 is in reference to the diameter of the shank at 10mm

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