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In this category you'll find all our M2 diameter countersunk screws in this category. Below you'll find all our listings for machine screws in M2. Although technically a bolt as its often used with a nut or threads into a component machine screws are generally referred to as a screw as they feature a screw head. We stock machine screws in zinc plated and stainless steel in both countersunk and panhead options.

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M2 Countersunk Screw Dimensions

All our M2 screws feature a metric coarse thread at 0.40mm pitch. They fit all our corresponding diameter nuts and washers. M2 is in reference to the diameter of the shank at 2mm.

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Machine Screw CSK M2 x 5mm Zinc Box 100

only $3.90

Machine Screw CSK M2 x 8mm Zinc Box 100

only $3.90

Machine Screw CSK M2 x 12mm Zinc Box 100

only $3.90

Machine Screw CSK M2 x 16mm Zinc Box 100

only $3.90