White Wall Plugs


White Wall Plug Selection:

Here you'll find all our various length and box quantities for white wall plugs. Wall plugs are a masonry fastener designed for use in conjunction with a screw. These can be used in brick, block, solid concrete slabs and any other masonry substrates. All wall plugs are available in lengths 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. All plugs are tapered for easy hole insertion and are diameter sized by colour.

Please refer to the specific category page for exact plug dimensions. Charts are also available on the main category pages with drill sizes and screw size for each colour plug.

All white wall plugs are in stock and ready for despatch


How To Install White Plugs

White plugs take either 4g or 6g screws. Drill an 4mm pilot hole into your masonry substrate, insert the wall plugs into the masonry and then screw off with either a 4g or 6g screw.

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Wall plugs plastic white x 25mm grab pack of 100

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