9mm Rivets


9mm Length Rivet Selection:

Please find on this page all our 9mm rivets. 9mm is reference to the body length and these lengths are available in 3 different diameters 3.2mm, 4mm and 4.8mm. Generally the grip range on a 9mm rivet would be approximately 6mm. This can vary though, for instance csk rivets have a slightly larger grip range. We stock 7 different types of rivets, aluminium dome head, large flange rivets, countersunk, multi grip, colorbond rivets, 304 grade stainless rivets and also 316 marine grade.

Please refer to the specific category page for exact dimensions and sizing charts, grip ranges may slightly vary across different styles of rivet.

All 9mm length rivets are in stock and ready for immediate despatch


Installing Rivets

Firstly figure out your grip range, charts are available on all rivet main category pages with grip ranges for all the different lengths of rivet. 9mm length rivets have a max grip of 6mm. Drill a pilot hole the same diameter as the rivet, push rivet through both adjoining pieces and use a pop rivet gun to compress. Once compressed the stem will snap off leaving a neat finish.

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#53 CSK rivet 4 x 9mm grip 3.0 - 4.8 box 500

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#53 CSK rivet 4 x 9mm carton 4000
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#53 dome head rivet 4 x 8.9mm GR304 box 500

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#53 dome head rivet 4 x 9mm GR316 box 500

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#53 dome head rivet 4 x 9mm GR316 ctn 2000
RRP $393.35 SAVE $70.64

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